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Quarantine /Lockdown update

I hope everyone is staying safe during this pandemic. I feel it has been a good time to self reflect and evaluate. It has been hard at times with all the uncertainty but I personally have used this time to concentrate on my music and think about where it is headed and what I would like to personally achieve. I have so many songs in my mind you would not believe and as soon as I have an idea for a song I sing it with a melody and store it on my hard drive. That way I can come back to it when I have something else to add to it. My lyrics come to me at all different times. I can be doing the simplest thing such as cooking and a verse will come to mind, I feel it is at these times the mind is the clearest and the most productive. My lyrics reflect whats going on in my life/world around me. My music gives me peace but also gives me drive to do and be a better person. I have a message in my songs that I want to share with the world and if I can make just one person feel a little better then I have done a good job. I pray that those of you reading this have been able to find some good things during this lockdown too.

Stay safe my people and I will give another update soon.

Peace and blessings to you all

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